A layaway order is where you put an item or service on a sales order and the customer makes payments on the order until the item is completely paid off, at which point the customer gets to take the item home. 

- You can also use this process to track your rent-to-own program. In this case, you just need to mark the item as delivered prior to changing the order status to Layaway. 

 - Because layaway orders are tied to Evosus Notifications your sales team will be able to stay on top of all their layaway orders. Notifications are automatically processed every night but you do have the ability to manually initiate them.

What you need to know...

#1 Security rights exist to allow the use of layaway orders and assigning serial numbers to layaway orders. Please check these prior to implementing your layaway plan.

#2 Undelivered items placed on layaway orders are NOT included in the Reserved Inventory column on the Inventory tab. There is a separate column just for items on layaway. This is important to note when it comes time to make sure the item is available for the customer on final payment.


You have reporting options to see all your Layaway orders or can view them through the Sales Manager. Layaway orders are also available for you to choose as a rule for Order Queues whenever one is added or removed making it even easier to keep an eye on things and track how your layaway program is going. 

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