What is the process for doing a warranty on Special Order items? You cannot mark the item as warranty on a return.


To process a warranty for a Special Order Item, you will need to:

Step 1: Create a Return Order for the Item in the Customer's Account

Step 2: On the Parent tab of the Return Order, select the SOI.  Keep in mind that you cannot manually add the SOI to the return, you must use the the Parent transaction.

Step 3: Invoice the Return Order (this will create a credit on the customer's account)

Step 4: Go to the Pending Returns Queue (Administration>Inventory>Return Goods Authorizations>Process Pending Returned Items

Step 5: Select the SOI and choose "Move to Vendor/RGA" and this will create an RGA.  Returned SOIs that are moved to Inventory OR RGA are converted to non-stock items in a new tree branch under the SOIs parent product line folder.  The new tree branch is called Returned Special Order Items.  The converted item code is changed to SPECORDER_1.  The number automatically increments with each returned SOI.  The Item Description is the user override item code and description with the customer’s name appended at the end.  SPECORDER_6  -  ABC123 I Love Cooking Apron [RETURN - Braks, Christina]

Step 6: Mark the RGA as Sent


If you will be getting a replacement SOI to give to the customer:


Step 1: Go to the item and check the "Sell this Item" box on the Options screen. Remember that the item is now in a new tree branch in the Parent Folder called "Returned Special Order Items."

Step 2: Create a new sales order for the customer with the item and lock the return credit memo to the order

Step 3: Receive the item on the RGA when it's received

Step 4: Invoice/Deliver the Item on the Customer's order

If you are refunding the customer, simply refund the credit generated from the return.


If you will be receiving vendor credit for the item you can leave the item checked as 'do not sell' and you may want to move it to the ZZArchivedZZ folder and delete the sub-folder that was auto-created. You can delete product lines under Administration>Inventory>General Setup>Product Lines.