Step by Step:

Step 1: Open the Locations tab of the stock site

#1 Open the Stock Sites tab of the Administration - Inventory screen (Administration > Inventory > General Setup > Stock Site).

#2 Double click on the stock site where you want to create the bins. The Stock Site - Retail Store screen appears.

#3 Open the Locations tab.

 - The Locations tab is used to create and maintain the bins in a stock site.

Step 2: Create the bins

Once you open the stock site, follow the steps below to create the bins.

#1 Click Add. The New Stock Site Location screen appears.

#2 Enter the bins. For example, enter A-1, A-2, A-3, etc.

 - You can create as many bins as necessary, but you can only create ten bins at a time.

#3 Click OK when complete.

#4 Repeat these steps to create all of the necessary bins.

Step 3: Assign a bin to an inventory item

After setting up the bins, follow the steps below to assign a bin location to an inventory item.

#1 Open the inventory item (Inventory > Double click on an inventory item). The Item screen appears.

#2 Open the Stock Sites tab.

#3 Double click on the stock site with the new bins. The Item Stock Site screen appears.

#4 Select the bin in the Stock Site Location field.

#5 Click OK. This returns you to the Stock Sites tab of the Item screen.

#6 The bin that you just assigned to the inventory item now appears in the Location column.

#7 Repeat these steps to assign the bins to all of the inventory items.

Step 4: Complete

The inventory items are now assigned to the bins.