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Add a credit memo reason to credit memo to determine which GL account is impacted. You will need to add a general ledger account before adding the Credit Memo Reason if the GL account does not exist.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Open the CR Memo Reason tab on the Accounting Setup screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Credit Memo Reasons).

Step 2: Click Add.

Step 3: Enter a Description of the credit memo.

 - Select a GL Account, or click Add Account to create a new GL account.

Step 4: Click OK when complete.

 - Now that the credit memo reason has been created, you can use the New Credit Memo screen to create a credit memo using the new credit memo reason.


When manually creating a new credit memo, you cannot select a credit memo reason that is set up as an accounting default.

 - Credit memos can be manually created using the Credit Memos tab on the Customer screen (Customer > Open a customer > Credit Memos tab > Add button).

 - Credit memo reasons are set up as accounting defaults using the Reasons tab on the Accounting Defaults screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Accounting Defaults).

Security Permissions Required



Administration – Accounting

*Can Access Accounting Tree Branch

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