Use Debit Memo Register Report to generate a filtered list of debit memos (Administration > Reports > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Debit Memo Register). For example, you can use this report to generate a list of debit memos that have not been used yet. The report displays balances, applied invoices, applied RGAs(MS Excel version), and applied GL accounts(MS Excel version).


 - Accounting Period: Accounting periods are created, closed, and reopened using the Periods tab on the Accounting Setup screen.

 - Vendor Class: Vendor classes group vendors by type. This field can be useful when trying to view all Inventory Bills or all Utility bills.
  • Vendor classes are created and maintained using the Search - Vendor Classes screen (Administration > Accounting > General Setup > Vendor Classes).
  • Vendor classes are associated with vendors using the Vendor Class field on the Vendor screen (Administration > Accounting > Accounts Payable > Search Vendors > Select a vendor > Options tab).

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